Polibak is one of the leading plastic film producers of Turkey and has been producing BOPP and CPP film since 1994 in its facilities established on an area of 180.000 m2 in İzmir Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone. Polibak has a production capacity of 130.000 tons of BOPP, 25.000 tons of Metallized BOPP, and 3.000 tons of CPP films per year in two facilities located in the same zone.



Our Energy is from 100% Renewable Resources!

We, Polibak, have been awarded with the I-REC zero carbon emission green electricity certificate, hence accrediting the fact that the electricity we consume is produced

12 October 2021
We are ranked among Turkey's Top 500 Compaines with Most R&D Investment!

We are ranked in the second list of the "Turkey’s Top 250 Companies with Most R&D Investment" research organized for a 8th time by Turkishtime.

11 October 2021
2020 yılında da Türkiye'nin 500 Büyük Sanayi Kuruluşu

Her yıl yayınlanan ISO 500 Türkiye’nin En Büyük 500 Sanayi Kuruluşu araştırmasında 2020 yılında da yerimizi aldık.

10 October 2021
We continue to grow with our investments and innovative perspective!

Our last investment, Bobst K5000 Expert 2450, was successfully established under the management of our team, utilizing our know-how and receiving remote support from our partner Bobst's Manchester team due to pandemic measures taken.

09 October 2021
We support sustainable packaging production!

Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) is a US-based organization collaborating with businesses, public institutions and educational establishments in the packaging

07 October 2021
We contribute to the circular economy of flexible packaging through our CEFLEX membership

CEFLEX is a European-based consortium established by enterprises from different areas of specialization which take part in all stages of the flexible package production to improve the performance...

05 October 2021
Polibak, continues proving its superior quality.

Always maintaining the best quality in its operations, Polibak passes another AIB Inspection with a high score and acquires of 950 out of possible 1000.

21 March 2021
This success belongs to all of us! TSE Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate

We were awarded with "TSE Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate" by practicing fully mandatory measures and high hygiene standards for industrial facilities within Covid-19 measures.

13 November 2020

12 October 2020

12 October 2020